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Аватар для SilektrS
SilektrS SilektrS вне форума
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SilektrS ????? ?? ????????
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По умолчанию Toyota Supra 1994 529whp with Autronic ECU & CDI500R

38,741 Original Miles!
I am the proud second owner of this beautiful, rare, Supra. Vehicle has been garaged its entire life, feels and drives like or better than new.
The Supra is equipped with a Power House Racing Stage 3 Single Turbo Conversion, which uses the HKS Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold and GT Wastegate. Boost has been set to 17psi, dyno tuned by Racing Technology of Lexington, KY, delivering 529HP to the rear wheels. Racing Technology also installed the entire Single Turbo upgrade.
Included parts:
PHR Stage 3 Single Turbo Conversion Kit, Autronic ECU & DFI, HKS 264 Duration Camshaft, RC Engineering Injectors, Dual Walbro Fuel Pumps with upgraded 10 guage wiring, Dual HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valves, Blitz Technospeed Z2 Wheels (18*10 rear, 18*9 front w/Bridgestone Tires), Blitz Oil Cooler Kit, Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Greddy 3 Row Intercooler and Piping Kit, HKS EVC EZ Boost Controller, Greddy Guages (Boost w/Peak and Warning, EGT w/Peak and Warning, Water Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure), Alpine IVA-D300 Flip/Touch Screen DVD/CD Player w/Alpine Speakers, Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator, Greddy Oil Catch Can, Greddy Power Pulleys, and Greddy Stainless Steel EVO Exhaust.
All stock electronics function perfectly and the A/C is cold! Power leather seats are in great condition. Targa top easily stores in hatch.
Although this car has 529RWHP on 92 octane pump gas, it drives and idles great! Would make a perfect daily driver for a lucky person. It kills me to have to sell this car.
MarkII 90 TourerV "Последний из Могикан"
MarkII 81 2jz-gte PsiXo
Supra 70 1g-gte GT
Autronic Team
SelfMade Works
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